October 12, 2005

A movement for the abolition of meat

Most people think that you shouldn’t kill an animal without good reason. In France, the law forbids the unnecessary killing of a cow, a pig or a chicken.

People are becoming increasingly aware that it is not necessary to eat meat to enjoy good health.

Hasn’t the time come to demand the abolition of meat ?

Why not make this very simple demand a rallying point for the world animal movement?

Of course we should continue to reveal and denounce the sufferings endured by animals. We should continue to demand an end to the worst practices, such as battery cages, mutilations, force-feeding, and bull fighting. We should continue to show that they are as sensitive as we are. We should continue to criticize speciesism, and to promote vegetarianism and veganism.

However, this is not enough.

Now we must begin to clearly demand the abolition of meat.

We are afraid to put this idea into words, it seems too unrealistic. We don’t want to appear fanatical.

We are wrong. Wrong in thinking that all meat-eaters approve of slaughterhouses. Wrong to suppose that people are not ready to listen to this demand, let alone debate the issue.

In the eighteenth century human slavery was legal and an essential part of the colonial economy. To even contemplate abolishing this historic custom seemed at the time a fanciful notion.

We should be inspired by the activists who got organized to make slavery illegal.

Let’s work together, each person in their own way, in a world-wide campaign for the abolition of meat.

In future messages on this blog, I will explain why I am convinced that such a goal can be achieved before the end of the century.

Antoine Comiti

(translated into English by Jane Hendy)


Bea Elliott said...

Hello - even though this was written more than 2 years ago - I find the argument intriquing today - Am anxius to read through your postings on this very interesting and unique "meat abolishment" strategy.

Anonymous said...
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MonekyGrrl said...

Thanks for creating this blog and being a champion of the animals.

Here are a couple suggestions for anyone who's looking for additional resources such as slide shows, flyers, or web banners to help get the truth out there...




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